Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

No Reference Metric Resources

This webpage lists potential resources for NR metrics:

This Google Sheet identifies metric components: artifacts, features, measurement points, and key performance indicators.


The following algorithms assess mean opinion score (MOS), root cause analysis (RCA), or both.

These No-Reference Video Quality Indicators (VQIs) were developed by Video Quality AGH team (VQ AGH). Executable form is freely and openly available for download through the website. Source code available upon request (only for a research purposes).

The following full reference (FR) metrics may be helpful for creating simulated training datasets.

Development Tools


See the "documentation" folder of NRMetricFramework for more information on most of these datasets, including references and download location. 

Industry design specifications

Professionally Produced Entertainment Use Cases

 User Generated Content Use Cases

Industrial and Application Specific Use Cases

Acceptable Constraints—Where Do We Start?

Additional Design Specifications for NR Metrics

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