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The Psycho-Physiological Quality Assessment (PsyPhyQA) Project is directed towards the development of new methodologies for subjective assessment and objective measurement of interactive communications services. In this effort, novel investigation methods based on psycho-physiological measurements are considered in addition to the more common subjective testing methodologies for interactive communication services.

Psycho-physiological measurements

Video quality assessment is typically performed using questionnaires, either open-ended or based on psychometric scales, such as n-point Likert scales. As valuable as these studies are, they are based on conscious responses by the participants and often do not provide sufficiently deep insight into underlying perceptual and cognitive processes. In order to gain a deeper understanding about the perceptual and cognitive processes underlying video quality perception, psychophysiological measurements can be performed. For instance:

These psychophysiological responses are not intended to replace well established psychophysical assessment techniques, but to augment them and provide additional sub-conscious information.

The aim of the PsyPhyQA project is to establish novel psychophysiology based techniques and methodologies for video quality assessment and real-time interaction of humans with advanced video communication environments. Specifically, some of the aspects that the project is looking at include:

Subjective testing methodologies for interactive communication

This part of the project is currently put on hold. New objectives and scope will be decided when this part of the project is restarted again.


This group was previously named the Real-Time Interactive Communications Evaluation (RICE).

Documents and Test Plan

All documents of the PsyPhyQA is currently collected on a Google drive. Specifically the draft test plan can be viewed here.


Questions should be sent to the PsyPhyQA Co-Chairs Sebastian Bosse, and Naeem Ramzan .

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