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Ultra HD

4K video products are rapidly spreading even in the consumer market. In 2012, Toshiba started selling the world's first consumer TV set that supports a resolution of 3960x2160@60fps (QFHD). Sony also announced the launch of their first consumer grade 4K TV set. Storage and transmission of such high data rate contents, which is at least four times as much as that of 1080i HD, are expected to be possible by use of the new coding standard HEVC that drastically improves coding efficiency compared to those of the conventional coding standards. These facts indicate that the 4K will be one of the major high-definition video formats and the HEVC will be the most frequently-used video codec in the near future.

The Ultra HD project focuses on video resolutions at HD and above. The current focus is on the following 4K video formats:

Of particular interest are:

The Ultra HD project is developing a test plan, with the goal of validating objective video quality metrics for 4K video. The Ultra HD project also investigates improved subjective quality testing methods for 4K content.

For more information, contact the Ultra HD Co-Chairs, Naeem Ramzan and Vittorio Baroncini.

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