Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

Project Main


Besides validation of objective measurement methods, VQEG conducts subjective studies of multimedia and 3DTV and provides a place for collaborative model development to take place.

graphic of a project timeline

Active Working Groups

Subjective Methods

Collaborative efforts to improve subjective video quality test methods.

  • Audiovisual HD (AVHD)
  • Quality Assessment for Health Applications (QAH)
  • Statistical Analysis Methods (SAM)

Objective Metrics

Developing and validating objective video quality metrics.

  • Audiovisual HD (AVHD)
  • Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)
  • No Reference Metrics (NORM)
  • Implementer's Guide for Video Quality Metrics (IGVQM)
  • JEG-Hybrid
  • Quality Assessment for Computer Vision Applications (QACoViA)

Industry and Applications

Seeking improved understanding of new video technologies and applications.

  • 5G Key Performance Indicators (5GKPI)
  • Emerging Technologies Group (ETG)
  • Immersive Media Group (IMG)

Support and Outreach

Support for VQEG's activities.

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

  • IRG-AVQA – Intersector Rapporteur Group Audiovisual Quality Assessment (IRG-AVQA)

Completed Validation Tests

Dormant Projects

  • HDTV Phase II and Multimedia Phase II were merged to create Audiovisaul HD in December, 2012.
  • 3DTV was closed March 2016, and the remaining 3DTV projects moved into the new Immersive Media Group.
  • VLQA (Visually Lossless Quality Analysis) was closed November 2017.
  • VIME (Video and Image Models for consumer content Evaluation) was closed November 2017 and replaced with the No Reference Metric (NORM) working group.
  • MOAVI (Monitoring of Audio Visual Quality by Key Indicators) was closed January 2018. Work continues in the No Reference Metric (NORM) working group.
  • QART (Quality Assessment for Recognition Tasks) was closed November 2017. Work continues in the new No Reference Metric Group.
  • Ultra HD was closed March 2018. Work continues in other VQEG working groups, since 4K monitors are widely available. 
  • HDR/WCG (High Dynamic Range Video / Wide Color Gamut) was closed March 2018. Work continues in other VQEG working groups. 
  • Independent Lab Group (ILG) - the ILG was closed due to the lack of need for independent oversight of VQEG validation efforts
  • PsyPhyQA (Psycho-Physiological Quality Assessment) was suspended December 2022, until interest on this topic resumes.